Life without trolling is like life without parole

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in the united states at least, cocaine is REALLY expensive. REALLY. being working class is a good insulator against cocaine addiction. so anyway its really something to hear all the gentrifier dsa brooklyn people talking about how like "why did no one tell me your 20s was going to be everyone you meet doing cocaine" lol

MGS4: Guns of the Patriots is a poor prediction of the future because people will just make open source smart-gun software. The Patriot System probably runs on Windows 95 it's not taking down a GNU helicopter

Ever wonder what getting hit by the super spirit bomb feels like? I don't mean the explosion because that's obviously a bomb but like when Goku launches it at Kid Buu and it atomizes his body. Is it hot? Cold? Piercing? I ask this from genuine intellectual curiosity

Thirteen (number of archangels in heaven) favourites (why is it spelled with a u) and I post my full credit card

I never use the number "six" in my code. Don't take chances with the devil

If I was anime i would be Michael Four Fist because of my iconic four fists

How many companies know my exhentai history and what are they going to do with it

Disappointed by the lack of verified hilarious content here.

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